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Keeping your WordPress website Safe & Secure


Secure websites using Lets Encrypt or premium SSL certificates.

Premium Hosting

Supercharged feature rich UK based WordPress cloud hosting with PHP7 on a premium SSD network.

Complete BackUp

Complete WordPress Website Backups including all files and databases for easy redeployment.

WordPress Brute Force Protection

Our systems lock out users trying to access your website with failed login attempts.

Strong Password Enforcement

We ensure all users have strong passwords as an additional security layer.

Change WordPress Salts & Keys

Quarterly updates of authentication keys adds another layer of complexity.

Lock Out Bad Users

After too many failed login attempts, 404 errors, or if users are on a bot blacklist, we lock them out.

Hide Login & Admin

Alternate login and access details to avoid common website attacks. 


ModSecurity is a firewall that has been designed to work with and protect web applications from hacker attacks.

File Change Detection

WP FLY by Really Good Hosting compares changes made to any WordPress core file to determine if the change was malicious.

Google reCAPTCHA Integration

An added layer of protection to your most vulnerable pages such as the WP login, user registration and comments with Google’s reCAPTCHA.

404 Detection

If a bot is scanning your site for vulnerabilities, it will generate a lot of 404 errors. WP-Fly will lock out that IP.

WP Fly Premium

The complete website update and security package.

SEMRush Audit (Premium)

Month Website Health Check & Fixes of any Warnings & Issues discovered, maintaining website health.

Website Updates (Premium)

Two Hours of ad-hoc studio time for website updates, development and optimisation.

On Page SEO Review (Premium)

A quarterly report of ideas to improve on page search engine optimisation for individual pages.

Additional Support (Premium)

Understanding your website, we can also provide guidance to help develop your online presence.

Let us look after your WordPress website

WordPress Website Management

Providing peace of mind to our clients with managed hosting and security with WP Fly, we ensure each website is safe, secure and up to date.

Using a variety of tools and best practice we ensure our client’s websites are performing with no hidden costs or extra charges. 

If there is a problem. We fix it!

Website Security & Updates

Keeping our websites secure with a range of features such as 2-Step authentication and regular theme and plugin updates are just some of the ways we keep our WordPress websites protected.

On and offsite backups, combined with malware scanning and market-leading hosting assists in ensuring website vulnerabilities are removed.

SEMrush Health Check (Premium)

Using SEMrush to monitor and report on your website’s health, we ensure each month that all ‘Errors’ are resolved, appropriate action take on ‘Warnings’ and an agreed health percentage is maintained.

Our premium service also includes advice on following best practice and an allocation of studio time for content updates.


Content Updates & SEO (Premium)

To help ensure your website is up to date and new content is quickly and easily added, our WP Fly Premium package includes 2 Hours studio time each month for website changes. 

Adding supplied content, optimising images and applying Search Engine Optimisation, we ensure each page is published quickly and accurately for the best visitor experience.

Let us look after your WordPress website

WP Fly

£ 79 Month
  • WordPress SSD Website Hosting
  • WordPress Website Security
  • Daily Data Backups
  • Reliable Website Forms
  • Theme & Plugin Updates

WP Fly Premium

£ 245 Month
  • WP Fly +
  • SEMRush Website Health Guarantee
  • 2 Hours Website Updates
  • Website Management
  • Technical Support

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